Must Read: Wrapping Up a Diligent August — With the Introduction of EFUN 2.0 Beta

September is coming fast, bringing numerous plans and exciting events to EFUN’s community. It’s time we wrapped up a busy August of launching EFUN 2.0 Beta with some remarkable highlights.

EFUN 2.0 Beta Release

The official EFUN 2.0 Beta was first introduced and launched on August 15th, 2022. It has been given so much attention and feedback from our supportive community, for which EFUN team can’t express how grateful we are enough.

Although the new beta is not without its flaws, it also means that we have immense space for this new version to improve, in order to create the best of EFUN 2.0.

2 weeks in EFUN 2.0 Beta Area and so far, +50 predictions have been made, with a total of over 600,000 EFUN placed.

Marketing and Partnership

This August marked the formation of partnerships between EFUN and Strategic Partners as follows: Climate Guardians, Apexverse, gDEX Metaverse, MoonXBT, Blockombat, Crypto Skyland, Promisphere, and CELUV PLAY.

Having acknowledged that cooperation is of necessity in Crypto, we are looking to conduct Cross-marketing, and expand the communities of all parties.

In fact, several AMAs with our strategic partners were held successfully in August, such as the ones with WAM and Crypto Pirates.

With the release of EFUN 2.0 Beta, we are very glad that we have established the next level of partnerships with Evolution Land and ELF Matrix, as they are hosting multiple prediction events on our platform.

If you are also a fan of these projects above, you may want to join their events on EFUN here (under the Gamefi category) to earn handsome winning prizes.

Product Development Progress

  • Implement a default banner
  • Finish host flows for P2P & Prize and User vs. Pool (using Sports Data Provider)
  • Implement a new sort & filter valueFixing not display image issue
  • Implement upload image for predict option feature
  • Implement host personal landing page
  • Internal beta testing and fixing bug for Host a prediction with self data
  • Developing host a prediction flow using sports data provider as the data source
  • R&D decentralized liquidity pool

Events and Minigames

At the moment, we are still hosting Bug-Bounty Program. Details below:

Bug-bounty Program

You can support EFUN’s development team and earn your rewards by following these 2 steps below:

  • Step 1: Test our app on EFUN 2.0 Beta Platform.
  • Step 2: Submit your Bug report by filling in this form.

Reward systems:

  • 5.000 $EFUN for bug that tagged as Improvement
  • 10.000 $EFUN for bug that tagged as Major Impact
  • 20.000 $EFUN for bug that tagged as Critical

That’s a sum-up of EFUN’s August! See you in September!



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