Introducing EFUN Affiliate Program

We’re excited that EFUN affiliate program is almost here! The team is working hard to add some final touches to it before the official public launch. EFUN affiliate program helps website owners, content creators, bloggers and influencers to monetize their traffic and collect mass opinion.

How it works?

Affiliate marketers share links to their prediction game’s on EFUN (known as affiliate links) through their platform, blogs, websites and social media. Affiliate links will track all the engagement made on EFUN by the people access through them.

EFUN affiliate program enables creating prediction games on EFUN for free (except for the small gas fee to pay the platform), meaning they don’t have to insert a personal Prize/Liquidity Pool, like other event methods such as Peer-to-peer & Prize and Users vs. Pool.

As EFUN is a decentralized platform, affiliates are able to earn commissions in real-time when transactions happen. Commission is compensated of 0.5% of the total stake, which is the total amount of predictive placements by users joining via “Affiliate link“. Hence, the more prediction placements they’re responsible for, the more commissions they earn.

Who is eligible to join?

Anybody that has at least one demonstrated channel and audience that is aligned with EFUN’s brand is welcome to join our affiliate program. They can be sportsmen or sportswomen, streamers, KOLs, crypto influencers, or other Gamefi projects, etc.

How to join?

EFUN’s affiliate program is designed to be very simple and user-friendly in order to facilitate our affiliate’s hosting and sharing experience. Stay tuned for a thorough guideline soon!

If you’re interested in this affiliate program, you may like to read more about EFUN and our other gameplays that can help you earn as well. More here.

About EFUN

EFUN is the pioneer platform for games of predictions on Web3 and the Metaverse. EFUN token holders will have unprecedented chances to “Predict to Earn’’ through various predictive Events such as sports matches, elections, or metaverse games. In return, EFUN helps organizations to collect the opinions of the masses and enhance brand awareness. Powered by blockchain, EFUN’s mission is to make Games of Predictions not only fun and beneficial but also transparent and trustworthy.

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