Get ready for liftoff: EFUN IDO set for December

Please Note*:*
Anyone looking to participate in the IDO will be required to whitelist.

The whitelist tasks MUST be completed to qualify for the Whitelist Lottery draw.

Be Cautious!

EFUN members will NEVER DM you first on any platforms. All DMs are scams!

See EFUN official channels at the bottom of this announcement.

18th December 2021 is the date for the EFUN IDO on

It hardly feels real, but after months of hard work we’re finally ready to launch EFUN!

Read on to learn everything you need to know about our IDO, as well as how you can participate! 🥳

When are we Launching?

The IDO is set to happen across three IDO platforms on 18th December 2021. We’ll keep everyone posted with the exact details on time when finalized.
Make sure you’re following us on Twitter and Medium for all our updates, and be sure to join both our announcement channel and community Telegram groups so that you don’t miss a thing!

Whitelist Lottery Details:
The EFUN IDO Whitelist will close on Thursday 16th December 2021.
In order to qualify for the whitelist the following tasks MUST be completed:
1) Follow EFUN Twitter:
2) Retweet a Tweet:
3) Join EFUN Community Official TG:
4) Join EFUN Announcements channel:
5) Leave a Clap On a EFUN Medium Article:
6) Leave a Comment on EFUNTOKEN Reddit:
7) Subscribe to our Youtube Channel:
8) Visit EFUN:
10) Share your link and get extra entries (+3K entries per user)

“You must have at least 7000 entries to be qualified for the contest”

“The more referrals you have, the higher winning chance you get”

“The winners will be announced as soon as the Whitelist period ends”

Whitelist winners will have first 15 minutes to buy. After that the presale will turn into public purchasing for everyone.

Thank you for participation and good luck in the competition!!!

About EFUN
EFUN is a pioneer platform for the games of predictions on Web3 and the Metaverse. May it be a Sport match, a presidential Election or a Miss World competition etc. EFUN makes it possible for the surveyors to learn about the opinions of the mass, for the public to raise their equal voices and for the brands to enhance the awareness through sponsoring top predictive competitions. EFUN token holders have the right to participate in any Events of their choice, show the knowledge through accurate voting and enjoy financial gains. Powered by blockchain technology, EFUN’s mission is to make the Games of Predictions not only fun and beneficial but also transparent, trust-worthy and irreversible.

Join us and let’s have FUN!



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EFUN - Web3 Prediction Games Protocol

EFUN —The very first decentralized predictive platform that supports multiple crypto currencies, including our native token EFUN on BSC