EFUN’s October Recap and the Don’t-miss-out Kind of News

Spooktober is about to end. If you are a loyal and close follower of EFUN, you may wonder why there aren’t as many minigames and contests as there were in the previous months. Don’t worry, it is because we are preparing something special for the EFUN community.

Let’s take a look back at what we’ve been doing with the dev team in full high-power mode.

EFUN — Games of prediction on Metaverse


We are glad to have formed strategic partnership MEGAVERSE — decentralized metaverse that offers entertainment and value in a hyper-reality setting. As the journey goes on, we work to connect and engage with esteemed organizations more deeply and comprehensively in order to provide richer value to our communities.


The highlight work of this month for EFUN’s dev team should be the Decentralized Liquidity Pool, which is the collection of ELP (token) that is locked in a smart contract that provides liquidity to decentralized exchanges (prediction event’s pool, winner’s rewards…).

The team is going to roll out all functions and features one by one next month. Here is a quick rundown:

  • Implementing Decentralized liquidity pool
  • Implement minting NFT to invest in decentralized liquidity pool
  • Testing minting NFT and decentralized liquidity pool logic
  • Start implementing and testing Affiliate host event feature
  • New tokens for token prediction
  • Released hosting token price/volume prediction using service by Chainlink


To celebrate the deployment of these features, we’ll hold a HUGE campaign for EFUN’s community as well as introduce more users to our platform. Hence, next month is expected to be full of surprises and joy! Are you curious? Just to give you a small hint, we can feel something dropping in the air…

Stick around for more and don’t miss out on our series of major events!

About EFUN

EFUN is the pioneer platform for games of predictions on Web3 and the Metaverse. EFUN token holders will have unprecedented chances to win prizes through various predictive events such as sports matches, elections, or metaverse games. In return, EFUN helps organizations to collect the opinions of the masses and enhance brand awareness. Powered by blockchain, EFUN’s mission is to make Games of Predictions not only fun and beneficial but also transparent and trustworthy.

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