EFUN x INU WARS Integration

🥳 EFUN is delighted to announce its new partner — INU WARS

INU WARS has the most brilliant scientists, Doge and Shiba Inu, have calculated that the block reward for bitcoin miners will halve every four years until the last bitcoin is mined.

Experience its UNIQUE P2E GAME!😎

🎈Where you can earn by playing the game or by providing Weapon and Ammo

🎈Grab your INUS and fight against other players
🎈 Become a Warlord and provide weapons and ammunition for INU WARS

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🔖 By partnering up with EFUN, INUWARS will be integrating EFUN decentralized prediction protocols into their usecase so that INUWARS players and fans can enjoy “predict to earn” feature besides all other exciting gameplays.

🎉Stay tune for more updates regarding this partnership🤝

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