EFUN Welcome its newest Partner- Mecha Morphing

We are thrilled to share with you our newest partnership with Mecha Morphing

Mecha Morphing game is set in the future technological era with sci-fi cyberpunk as the background. Because of resource plundering, an international war broke out. Players enter the game as a member of the mecha squad called the “Rogue ones” who save the world and maintain peace.

Mecha Morphing is a horizontal action ARPG game based on the meta-universe. Every level in the game will provide players with original resources. Players can use these original resources and build upon them. You can build your weapons and mechas through synthesis and crafting. Leveling up these mechas will allow you to have more stats to help you beat the enemies in the game.

Key Partnership Features

  1. By partnering up with Mecha Morphing, Mecha Morphing will be integrating EFUN’s decentralized prediction protocols into their platform besides of their other utilities.

Visit their links on these following sites:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Telegram Announcements | Discord

About EFUN

EFUN is the pioneer platform for games of predictions on Web3 and the Metaverse. EFUN token holders will have unprecedented chances to “Predict to Earn” through various predictive Events such as sport matches, elections or metaverse games. In return, EFUN helps organizations to collect opinions of the mass and enhance brands awareness. Powered by blockchain, EFUN’s mission is to make Games of Predictions not only fun and beneficial but also transparent and trust-worthy.

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