🔥 EFUN Asian Handicap Weekend’s Event 🔥

🚀 Let’s play Asian Handicap new feature
🚀 EFUN team will return for your 100% EFUN predicted + BNB fee (Approve contract + Place a bet = 1$), when your prediction is wrong

📅 Date and Time:
Start: 00:00 AM UTC, Saturday, 2 April 2022
End: 00:00 AM UTC, Monday, 4 April 2022

1. Play Asian Handicap Feature for any matches provided on EFUN Prediction Platform 👉 App.efun.tech
2. Minimum to predict 2,000 EFUN & Maximum to predict 10,000 EFUN
3. Share the screenshot of your prediction on Asian Handicap to EFUN group with your wallet address

Send your screenshot here 👉

1. User must share Screenshot proof of prediction to be eligible as a Valid Participant
2. One (1) time / User to join this event
3. EFUN team will only counted prediction made for the matches when the event is running (Saturday — Sunday Matches)

🏆 Let’s Play EFUN Community 🥂



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EFUN - Games of Predictions on Metaverse

EFUN - Games of Predictions on Metaverse

EFUN —The very first decentralized peer-to-peer sport predictive competitions that support multiple crypto currencies, including our native token EFUN on BSC