All You Need to Know About the Fun-Packed Party

$EFUN airdrops, extreme bonuses, and more up for grabs in EFUN’s biggest party ever!


  • First come, first serve for 50 valid participants
  • Complete these tasks to get counted as a valid participant



1️⃣ First task: Connect your BEP-20 Wallet on EFUN Prediction Platform to get the FIRST 10K airdrop.
→ Submit here:
2️⃣ Second task: After getting the first 10k Airdrop, go Predict (select 01 hot game) and get refunded with another 10K.

  • A new form will be sent out for all participants to submit in order to claim their second prizes.



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EFUN - Web3 Prediction Games Protocol

EFUN —The very first decentralized predictive platform that support multiple crypto currencies, including our native token EFUN on BSC